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Private Treaty Bulls

We started out selling all of our bulls by either private treaty or at consignment sales. We recognize that many buyers prefer to purchase their bulls in this more relaxed atmosphere and as such still offer bulls for sale private treaty to accommodate these buying preferences. Although many of the bulls in the private treaty pen are bred identically to the sale bulls, they tend to be a little younger as yearlings and we don’t sell many late February or March calved bulls in the sale. Often time this group of bulls also represents a great opportunity to source older aged bulls that we do not sell in our annual bull sale.

As part of our extended customer service, we feel there is a responsibility for your genetics supplier to cover your needs beyond just sale day. As we have all experienced, sometimes bulls are injured and a replacement is required. We usually have bulls available to cover these situations throughout the year and want to be sure we can assist you in getting all of your cows bred. Both yearling and 18 month old bulls are usually available throughout the breeding season. Whether you need just one or a trailer load, give us a call and we will do our best to assist you.