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2018 Annual Bull Sale

March 3, 2018

Today’s high value SimAngus bulls at Trinity Farms are the result of nearly 30 years of effort in creating composite SimAngus seedstock. We have found these bulls offer the most opportunity in a low risk, hassle free genetic package. Crossbreeding is easy with SimAngus from Trinity Farms and depending upon your specific needs, we offer everything from Angus and SimAngus heifer bulls to stout performance bulls designed to offer you maximum performance opportunity. Be sure to visit our Why Crossbreeding tab to discover the many advantages to using SimAngus bulls in your program today.

  • 135 SimAngus and Angus bulls sell
  • Homozygous status for polled and color
  • 100% Multi-generational A.I. sired pedigrees
  • All have been DNA tested to confirm parentage and offer genomic enhanced EPDs
  • All bulls sell free of any known genetic defects
  • Come with a complete set of performance data

Our bulls are developed right here on the ranch where we are able to monitor their progress on a daily basis. Raised in large stress free lots, they have undergone an extensive health protocol, have plenty of room for exercise, access to constant fresh water and are fed a high forage ration designed around timothy and alfalfa hay. While we are not feeding for maximum gain, our goal is to have the bulls gain from 3 to 3.5 lbs./day which allows for expression of genetic potential without causing feet and fertility issues that can be associated with bulls that have been overfed. In developing the bulls we strive for soundness and longevity, so that when they go to work on your operation they will be successful breeders for many years.

Where else can go for a guarantee like this – offering up to 3 years guaranteed on feet and semen. Our goal is to continue to offer the best in genetics in the business and back them up with added customer service from a program that always stands behind its product. Click here to download a PDF with our detailed, exclusive guarantee.

  • DNA genomic enhanced EPDs
  • Complete performance data
  • Ultrasound results for carcass traits
  • Complete breeding soundness exam prior to sale date
  • Our exclusive 3 year guarantee
  • Free delivery
  • Industry’s most unique Rancher Rebate program – all levels participate
  • Sight unseen guarantee

Earn your Bull Chit! Our Rancher Rebate Program was created as a way to say thank you for your business. When we first put this plan together, we wanted to have a program that was inclusive for all our bull buyers. Just like so many of the practices and programs at Trinity Farms, we wanted something unique to offer our valuable business partners. Thank you for your business — it means a lot to us!

In the last few years Trinity Farms has sent out over $120,000 in cash rebates to our buyers!

Standard Bull Chit

For every bull that you buy for $4,500 or more, receive a rebate check for $125 per bull.

4x4 Bull Chit

Requires the purchase of 4 or more bulls — for every bull you buy for $4,500 or more, receive a rebate check for $250 per bull. For those bulls selling for less than for $4,500, receive a rebate check for $125 per bull.

Be sure to plan on being with us March 3rd, 2018 for one of the most unique bull sales on the West Coast.